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Boudoir Photography Lexington KY is a boudoir photography studio that focuses on romantic and intimate boudoir photoshoots for couples and individuals.

Our team of photographers are dedicated to helping each one of our clients look and feel like a model during their photoshoot, so they can have beautiful boudoir portraits they are sure to love!

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“I wanted to surprise my husband for our anniversary, so I thought that some boudoir portraits might be a fun and romantic surprise for him. My boudoir photographer was so nice and I had a great time during the photo shoot. She made sure that I felt comfortable the whole time, and the portraits turned out so great! I looked like a model in the photos, and my husband was so surprised! He absolutely loved the photos!”

Lyla S.

“My husband and I wanted to do a couples boudoir photo shoot just to try something fun and different. We had so much fun! I think he was a little hesitant at first, but it felt so natural just being with each other. I felt like the photo shoot felt very comfortable, and the boudoir portraits turned out looking so natural. We were so happy with the way they turned out!”

Penelope G.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the reasonable pricing, since some of these places charge an arm and a leg for such quality photos. I felt like I was getting a really good deal, and the photos looked so professional, I was really blown away by how wonderful and fun the whole process was!”

Janette I.

Boudoir Photography Lexington

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